Class 5 Permit

15-75-305. Applicants for permits.

Any person desiring to engage in the liquefied petroleum gas business in this state must file a formal application and supporting papers, together with a filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00), with the Director of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board at least thirty (30) days prior to the approval of the application by the director. Should the applicant be a corporation or partnership, copies of the articles of incorporation or partnership agreement, if any, shall accompany the application together with a certificate from the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance and Administration evidencing that all taxes due have been paid or otherwise negating state tax liability.

In addition, all Class 5 Applicants must provide the following:

  1. The holder of a class five permit:
    1. May deliver liquefied petroleum gas to or for class one dealers but shall not retail liquefied petroleum gas or sell or install liquefied petroleum gas containers or systems;
    2. Shall not use motor fuel directly from cargo trailer tanks;
    3. May deliver liquefied petroleum gas to class three dealers engaged in cylinder exchange, delivery, or service if the class three permit holder has installed an approved storage container with a minimum capacity of six thousand (6,000) gallons;
      1. Shall be required to undergo an annual safety inspection on all transport delivery trucks. The safety inspection or documentation of the safety inspection shall be received by the office of the Director of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board prior to operation of the transport delivery trucks over Arkansas roads. All permit and inspection fees for Arkansas are applicable.
      2. The inspection shall be performed by:
        1. The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board inspector; or
        2. An acceptable qualified agency having jurisdiction or authority over liquefied petroleum gas;
    4. Must notify the board prior to the first delivery of liquefied petroleum gas to a class three permit holder to ensure that proper inspection of cylinder exchange filling facilities has been performed, and no delivery may be made until the facility has been inspected and approved by the board and the notice transmitted to the board; and
    5. Must pay an annual permit fee in the sum of two hundred dollars ($200).
  2. An applicant for a class five permit:
    1. Must furnish evidence of the following insurance:
      1. Automobile Bodily Injury Liability Insurance
        • Each Person $500,000
        • Each Accident $500,000
      2. Automobile Property Damage Liability Insurance
        • Each Accident $500,000
    2. Must provide a certified or notarized financial statement which has been compiled within the past sixty (60) days;
    3. Must provide full-time employment of qualified personnel whose competency shall be proved through a current written or oral examination; and
    4. Must comply with all other applicable requirements.