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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

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Our Mission

To support and promote the propane industry within the state of Arkansas through:

  1. Consumer Advocacy- Create and promote an environment that ensures all Arkansans can purchase and utilize propane in a safe manner.
  2. Permitting and Certification- Ensure all industry personnel are trained in the proper and safe handling of propane.
  3. Inspections- Ensure that storage, delivery vehicles, and equipment are properly maintained and suited for use with propane.
  4. Rules and Regulations- Ensure sound regulation that promotes industry growth while maintaining the safety of all Arkansans.

Our Vision

To see this energy source reach its full potential by working in partnership with all stakeholders throughout the supply chain to create an environment that promotes industry growth. To secure the confidence of the consumer. To provide job opportunities and career paths for Arkansans. To secure propane as a viable energy source for generations to come.

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Liquefied Petroleum Board Building 3800 Richards Road, North Little Rock

10:00 AM

2020 40hr School

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4-2-2021  10:00am

Board Hearing

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Building

3800 Richard Roads, North Little Rock