Class 4 Permit

15-75-305. Applicants for permits.

Any person desiring to engage in the liquefied petroleum gas business in this state must file a formal application and supporting papers, together with a filing fee of fifty dollars ($50.00), with the Director of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board at least thirty (30) days prior to the approval of the application by the director. Should the applicant be a corporation or partnership, copies of the articles of incorporation or partnership agreement, if any, shall accompany the application together with a certificate from the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance and Administration evidencing that all taxes due have been paid or otherwise negating state tax liability.

In addition, all Class 4 Applicants must provide the following:

  1. The holder of a class four permit:
    1. May sell and install liquefied petroleum gas equipment used on internal combustion engines, permanently mounted on mobile equipment only;
    2. May not deliver liquefied petroleum gas;
    3. May not sell or install any other type of containers or appliances;
    4. Must comply with all applicable requirements; and
    5. Must pay an annual permit fee in the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00).