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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

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Office Staff

Our office staff supports the efforts of our field inspectors and industry personnel as well as the consumer. We are available to help from 7:30am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Phone Number: (501) 683-4100

Arkansas LP Gas Board Office Manager - Kerry Goodson

Kerry Goodson

Office Manager

Kerry provides fiscal support for the agency and is responsible for issuing all permits, Kerry also helps with certification cards and inspection tracking.

Arkansas LP Gas Board Administrative Assistant - Keisha Harris

Keisha Harris

Administrative Assistant

Keisha is responsible for issuing certification cards as well as tracking inspections and handling permitting for our Class 5 permit holders.

Field Inspectors

Our inspectors are responsible for providing industry and consumer support through training of industry personnel, certification testing, storage inspections, delivery vehicle inspections, and inspections of places of public assembly. If they can help, please give them a call.

Territory Map
Arkansas LP Gas Board Territory 3 Field Inspector - Terry Barnes

Terry Barnes

Territory 3

cell phone: 501-859-3134

Arkansas LP Gas Board Territory 2 Field Inspector - Wendell Holland

Wendell Holland

Territory 2

cell phone: 501-859-3135

Arkansas LP Gas Board Territory 1 Field Inspector - Perry Stokes

Perry Stokes

Territory 1

cell phone: 501-859-3133


Arkansas LP Gas Board Territory Director - Kevin Pfalser

Kevin Pfalser


The director is responsible for the overall operation and business of the Agency, subject to the oversight of the board members.

cell phone: 501-859-3132


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Liquefied Petroleum Board Building 3800 Richards Road, North Little Rock

10:00 AM

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