Governor | Asa Hutchinson

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Public Notice
(Notice of Rulemaking)

Pursuant to Arkansas Code Ann. ยง 25-15-204, notice is herby given that the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board is considering the following changes to its rules:

1.       Concerning the direct transfer of LP-Gas from a railcar into a transport (Commonly known asTransloading). The proposed rule would allow this procedure under the following circumstances:

  1. Installation is done in accordance with NFPA58.
  2. The period of time for the installation is limited to 24 months.
  3. A Class 8 Permit must be obtained.
  4. Annual inspections must be made.

2.       Concerning a process to allow a replacement "Fit For Service" name plate \ data plate to beaffixed to LP-Gas storage containers and then placed in service within the following agricultureapplications:

  1. Fuel for irrigation units
  2. Fuel for livestock operations
  3. Fuel for crop drying

3.       This new rule would require All cylinders with a capacity of over 40lbs of propane, that are not fitted with an OPD valve, must be transported and stored with a POL plug. Cylinder valves requiring maintenance that are fifteen (15) years or older must be replaced. Board approved signage must be displayed in a prominent location. Permit holders must use the Board approved form to report new and existing station locations. Class 1 and Class 3 permit holder will provide Board approved training for exchange station employees. Record of such training will be transmitted to the Board office.

4.       This new rule also includes cleanup to reflect current NFPA references.

This proposed rule will be available for public review at In addition, a copy of the rule can be picked up at the agency office located at 3800 Richards Road North Little Rock during normal business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm). (Do to COVID all visitors to the agency will be required to be screened as well as wear a face mask)

Comments can be mailed to: Arkansas Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, 3800 Richards Road North Little Rock, AR 72117, or emailed to: