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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Members

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board is made up of seven members who are residents of the State of Arkansas, at least twenty-one years of age, and are of good moral character. The members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Governor shall appoint one member from each of the four congressional districts as they existed on January 1st, 2007. In addition to these four members, the Governor shall appoint three at large members to complete the slate of seven. The board shall have at least one member who represents the public and is not employed by, engaged in, or retired from the LP-Gas Industry.

The Board Members meet at least once every quarter and are tasked with the oversight of the Agency. The general public is welcomed at all Board meetings. The scheduled dates of these meetings are available at least 30 days prior and can be found at

Current Board Members

Terry Suen (Bentonville, AR) – Chairman of the Board (Consumer Member)
Term Expires – 1/14/2020

Bill DeClerk (Fairfield Bay, AR) - Vice Chairman of the Board
Term Expires – 1/14/2020

Damon Jackson (Garfield, AR)
Term Expires – 1/14/2021

David Remy (Boonville, AR)
Term Expires – 1/14/2021

Paul Cash (Warren, AR)
Term Expires – 1/14/2022

Gordon Cunningham (Helena, AR)
Term Expires – 1/14/2022

Terry McCallie (Carlisle, AR)
Term Expires – 1/14/2023


12/04/2019 Regular scheduled board meeting

Liquefied Petroleum Board Building 3800 Richards Road, North Little Rock

10:00 AM

2020 40hr School

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